Buying a gas range while husband is away

My husband “repaired” another gadget…our lawnmower. To translate it to human language: He tried to repair it, but ended up killing a bird with its blades…Fortunately I was inside the house, while he did this process. After that, I made up my mind: I wont tell him if anything broke down in this house, no matter what.

With my luck, the gas range finished its service the next day after the incident with the lawnmower. That was one week ago and he still knows nothing. I cooked everything at one of my friend’s house. She laughed at me, but she didn’t live next to my husband. (I have to repeat myself: I really love that man, this is why I’m still with him and this is why I said yes to him, but this mentality and this bad luck with the devices….)

My dear husband is going to have a business trip – after 7 days of running to make food. The mentioned trip lasts 4 days. So, I had 4 days to act. On the first day I already chose the best gas range for the price, thanks to the linked site. I still love the way the internet works: everyone could and some really helps to others!

FFGF3015L 30 Freestanding Gas Range is what I chose. It is made from durable materials, it comes with very big oven capacity, fully electrical control, and it is beautiful. Furthermore, the seller offered free delivery. It is even more than what I could hope for that much money.

Buying a gas range while husband is away

It arrived in this morning and I still have 28 hours ‘til my husband arrives home. It must be enough to find a professional who can do the installation of the masterpiece. I already called three but none of them accepted within this close time interval. I have to hurry, because I still have to figure out what to say to my husband, in order not to hurt his feelings. It won’t be easy…


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