Professional garbage disposal – unprofessional husband

Last Friday I started washing my dishes, and while I was doing this (which is MyReallyFavourite task), a huge amount of water flow out and literally my kitchen was soaking wet.

My dear husband tried to figure out what could have caused the problem, but he failed…and it became even worse. He is the man of the house, and I still don’t know why, but he thinks, that he can fix everything…really everything. Last time he tried to fix the washing machine and I still don’t know how, but it caught on fire. I really don’t know why I let him even to look at this situation.


I called a plumber and he instantly told us that our garbage disposal is broken and we have to get an other. Unfortunately, he is not an expert in this topic, so we had to figure out what should we buy. As we never had such experience from before, we searched for it with the help of Google. We found a guidance about how to buy the best garbage disposal for dummies. With its comparisons and descriptions we could choose one that fits our needs. We bought it on a quite fair price – I expected much more.


Now it is already delivered and I’m here waiting to use my kitchen again and arguing with my dear husband who don’t want to get help to set this whole device up. He swears that he can do it just by reading through the instructions. But I just can’t let this happen… I don’t need anything again to catch on fire. Fortunately, it’s already dark and he can’t start it now and in the morning he is going to work. While he is working I’ll call a professional…



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